Develop the skills and confidence you need to succeed in your nutrition career.

What is your biggest challenge when starting a nutrition business? How will you develop your plan? What are your options? The CAHN-Pro Trainings provide you with expertise from our senior nutritionist to help you create the business and career you desire.   Enjoy learning from the comfort of your homes with our easy-to-follow online trainings that you can watch over and over. Go at your own pace. Includes resource materials, access via email to teachers and a live webinar for each training. Trainings launching on January 5th, 2015 Online access available anytime of the day as of the start date. CAHN-Pro is a professional association for the accreditation of holistic nutritionists and an exciting national campaign to advance the field of holistic nutrition in both private and public sectors through the development and promotion of knowledge and standards, as well as through professional training.

Client Centered Counseling

January 5th, 2015 Client Centred Counselling – $97 plus HST/GST

Working successfully with clients is the key to sustaining a clinical practice but do you know what success looks like. Most practitioners assume they have to solve all the clients’ issues but gaining an understanding of the client’s true needs and wants makes for happy clients. and a rewarding client/practitioner relationship.

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Marketing to MDs and Professionals

March 16th, 2015 Marketing to MDs and Professionals $ 97 plus HST/GST

Approaching medical doctors or wellness practitioners can be intimidating but referrals are the cornerstone of a successful. The purpose of this training session is to provide you with a thorough understanding and a functional roadmap of how to confidently market yourself to medical doctors or other wellness practitioners. These practitioners are looking for nutritionists to help their clients and patients.

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Building Your Business

January 26th, 2015 Building Your Business: $ 97 plus HST/GST

Do you know what your niche is? Do you know the best type of website or how to use social networking and email marketing? You’ll get all the basics for getting started with your business and planning your strategy. It eases the pressure of what to do first and helps your focus on the key elements you need to do the type of work you want to do.

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Practical Research

February 16th, 2015 Practical Research: $ 97 plus HST/GST

How do you use research to grow your reputation, increase your referral rate, and grow your business? No matter what your choose to do from being in clinical practice to writing a blog or speaking at a lunch ‘n’ learn, understanding how to use research can enhance all that your do and help create new opportunities.

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Buy All 4 Training Courses and Save: $333. plus HST/GST

What Attendees are saying:

“The Client Centred Counselling Training is most incredible course I have taken since graduation. This is filling so many of the gaps as to how you can really enjoy your practice and instead of having exertion, having  equal flow with your clients and truly embrace their greatness, I strongly encourage you to come to this training. I know you will be absolutely thrilled with the results.”  Julie Daniluk, RHN

Joining CAHN-Pro and doing the trainings while I was a student gave me an advantage on so many levels. I made lasting connections with professionals in the field who shared a diverse array of expertise. I gained clarity, direction, and the tools needed to bridge the transition from student to professional. As a professional member, CAHN-Pro continues to enrich, support, and propel my professional growth and success.” Marina Silverio, RHN